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Are you in Stockholm at the moment or you are planning a trip to this beautiful city and you have no idea where to have a nice dinner? If so, then we will help you by showing you some excellent places to enjoy a delicious meal. Therefore, continue to read this article in order to find out more.

Oaxen Krog & Slip

This nautical-themed Nordic bistro is perfect for a dinner with your partner as the place is very romantic. It is run by the famous Swedish chef Magnus Ek, and even if the restaurant is a quite expensive one it is certainly worth having at least one dinner here. Oaxen Krog & Slip has a good reputation for everything that it serves.

Lilla Ego

If you are looking for a more affordable place to eat yet with a delicious food, then we suggest you go to the lovely restaurant Lilla Ego. The menu includes Nordic root vegetables, seafood, slow-cooked pork, chanterelle mushrooms, and more. No matter what you choose to have for dinner, you will definitely be impressed not only by the taste but by the aspect as well. The location is quite intimate, decorated in a Scandinavian style.

Meatballs for The People

If you want to try the traditional Swedish cuisine such as meatballs, then you should go to this restaurant. Usually, people book a table here with at least one week in advance as the place gets quite busy most of the times, which means that the food is really appreciated. Vegetarians can also eat here because the menu also includes several vegetarian dishes.

Sushi Sho

If you like Sushi then you need to go for a meal at Sushi Sho. This is actually the first restaurant in this country that got a Michelin star. It is absolutely amazing how the food is being served here. It is not only extremely delicious but beautifully decorated as well. The interior is a very pleasant and welcoming one, with sanded wooden benches and lovely decorations. Many clients wrote excellent reviews and they also said that they liked very much how the staff treated them.

Taverna Brillo

If you want to have a delicious pizza, then at this location you will find the best one in the city. Taverna Brillo is also very appreciated for its amazing desserts such as meringue and pannacotta, ice cream, and sorbets. All in all, we strongly recommend you this restaurant from Stockholm.

Rosendals Tradgard

Here, the pastries and bread are baked by hand and they taste absolutely incredible. You can either choose to eat indoors in the light-filled greenhouse, or outdoors on the lovely terrace surrounded by lots of flowers, creepers, and leafy trees. The kitchen is run by the British chef Billy White. Vegetarian food is also served every single day. Take into account the fact that you can only eat here until 5 PM, as the restaurant doesn’t serve evening meals. However, you can still have a great time and enjoy a delicious lunch at Rosendals Tradgard.