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How can you know if the holiday destination you have chosen is one that will offer you amazing memories? Are you actually planning to visit Thailand but you are still indecisive whether this is a good choice or not? If so, then by reading this article you will certainly manage to figure out if you are going to have a great time or not as we are going to show you the pros and cons of going on holiday in Thailand.


First of all what you must know is that Thailand is without a doubt a place with spectacular views and places. This is probably the reason why you have chosen it as your next holiday destination. People all over the world come here every year to relax on the stunning beaches, visit different attractions, cities, try the delicious cuisine, and to learn more about the Asian culture. The best thing about Thailand is that you can actually do anything as it is a very complex land with plenty to offer. No matter your taste you will certainly find many wonderful things to do and see as well. What many male tourists liked very much about this country is that you can easily find a beautiful, friendly, and lovely escort to keep you company on your holiday. This is very true as the place is full of escorts who are waiting to please any customer.

There are also lots of glittering temples with incredibly beautiful architecture that you will absolutely love. Anyone who is an urban lover will find in Thailand several cities that are extremely vibrant due to their busy and amazing nightlife. This country is also perfect for shopping as there is a large range of shops in every region with items that are very cheap. Basically, there is nothing you cannot find in this place. Unlike other countries that do not have too many locations especially designed for children, Thailand is an excellent country for taking your kids with you on holiday. Many water parks, safari parks, zoos, playgrounds, and more are waiting for the little ones to enjoy their holiday to the fullest.


Now that you have read the pros of visiting this country, you should have a look at the cons as well. You will probably think that with so many beautiful things to see and to do, Thailand cannot have a negative part as well. It actually has, and for many people, the following aspects matter quite a lot.

Pollution is one of the main disadvantages when it comes to this place. The cities, in particular, are extremely polluted and many tourists that have visited for example Bangkok complained about the air which was very unpleasant and suffocating. The noise is also a problem in the main cities, which are extremely busy and with plenty of cars, buses, bicycles, motorcycles, and so on. Walking on the street can be very annoying as you will hear horns at all times.

Going to the beach in the middle of the summertime is something that you must not do because it gets really hot. That’s why you need to plan your holiday very carefully so that you do not catch the sun waves as you will not be able to stay for too long outdoors. Also, another disadvantage is that plenty of the restaurants are extremely busy most of the times, especially the affordable ones. All in all, that being said, you can draw your own conclusion if the choice you have made is a good one or not.