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You cannot be impressed by Bangkok. If you want a holiday to remember then you must visit this vibrant metropolis. If you have already made a decision then the next step is to look for good accommodation. This aspect is essential in order to enjoy to the fullest your entire stay. We hope that you will find very helpful this article as we are going to write about the best and worst hotels in Bangkok.

Best Hotels in Bangkok

  • The Sukhothai

The Sukhothai is an incredibly luxurious hotel with opulent colonial-era suits, located in downtown. It is excellent for season travelers, and it includes facilities such as a very large swimming pool, a spa, a gym that provides the latest in fitness technology, free parking, a steam room/hammam, and a lovely garden where you can relax and enjoy a dinner under the stars.  The hotel has 214 very spacious rooms and suites, and a wonderful lobby where you can enjoy a drink and socialize.

  • Sofitel So

We also include in our list the Sofitel So hotel. This trendy location is actually facing Lumpini Park, as it is placed in the downtown Sathorn area. The most impressive thing at this hotel is the large infinity pool which has an incredibly beautiful view over Lumpini Park. Customers were extremely happy as they were treated exceptionally and they also said that the rooms look absolutely gorgeous. A fitness center is available and a steam room/hammam as well.

  • Siam Kempinski

Siam Kempinski is also considered one of the best hotels in Bangkok due to the fact that it has everything a traveler needs in order to feel extremely comfortable. It has large and welcoming rooms, a big swimming pool, sauna, spa, fitness center, bar, high-class restaurant, free WiFi, room service, and professional staff that will make you feel like home. One of the best choices you could make in terms of hotels is to look for accommodation that has bedding that includes wedge pillows. We all know that these days there is a large range of pillows available on the market, but fewer people know that wedge pillows are absolutely amazing as they offer a lot of health benefits. This detail is essential when choosing a hotel to stay at your destination. Keep in mind that there are many accommodations that have a very uncomfortable bed, which means that you have little chances to rest during the night, not to mention the fact that you might wake up with back pains, and this can affect your vacation. In order to avoid these unpleasant situations, you should check if the hotel you are going to book has bedding that includes wedge pillows. Siam Kempinski is without a doubt one of them and staying here will surely be a real pleasure. You will not only enjoy the lovely area, but you will also feel ultra comfortable at all times and sleep extremely well thanks to these fantastic wedge pillows.

Worst Hotels in Bangkok

  • Woodlands Inn

If you have a look on the internet you will see that this hotel has plenty of bad reviews which made us add to our list as one of the worst hotels in Bangkok. There are plenty of clients that said that it is quite dirty and the indoor air is a very unpleasant one. There is no elevator and no internet either, not to mention the fact that the air conditioning is very noisy. Therefore, make sure you do not choose this accommodation for your trip.

  • Sukhumvit

This is another location that you must definitely avoid. Just like the hotel mentioned above, it has the same problem with the cleaning. More than this, clients said that they didn’t like how the staff treated them absolutely at all. The rooms are extremely old and the air conditioning is not working. There are no parking lots and the restaurant doesn’t have any good food. All in all, Sukhumvit is without a doubt one of the worst hotels in Bangkok where you must not stay. Even if it is quite cheap, it is not worth it as you will surely ruin the entire holiday.