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If you are in a confusing situation and you don’t know whether you should choose Bangkok or Stockholm for your next holiday, then by reading this article you will certainly manage to make a decision. We are going to show you what each city has to offer so that you can choose the one that meets all your needs.

Best of Bangkok

Probably the best thing about this city is that it has a vibrant nightlife with lots of places to eat, to drink, and to dance. Many nightclubs host famous DJ’s that and some of them have LIVE bands where you can listen to quality music while enjoying a cocktail. In terms of fun you will definitely find something to your liking and from this point of view, you will not be disappointed. If you want to have a quiet and relaxed vacation you can also have it here even if the city is extremely busy. You can choose to visit some of the wonderful palaces and temples where you can relax and meditate. We recommend the Grand Palace & Wat Prakeaw, and Wat Arun, as these two palaces are the most popular ones in the city.

There are also many markets where you can find a large range of items, including fresh fruits and vegetables. For example, the Floating Market is something that you will not see somewhere else. Just imagine lots of wooden rowboats floating by, loaded with fruits, vegetables, and flowers. The China Town is another popular attraction of Bangkok, even though it is quite chaotic and busy. Bangkok is also very famous for its incredibly delicious cuisine, which includes fantastic dishes that are extremely healthy as well. The city is full of beautiful parks where you can have a relaxing walk and stop for a coffee at one of the many terraces.

Best of Stockholm

Stockholm is a very beautiful city as well, but to be honest, in comparison with Bangkok it definitely doesn’t have so many to offer. However, if you are taking a short holiday then we suggest you choose this city instead of Bangkok. Here is what you can do here. You can admire the buildings that have an amazing architecture and then stop at the city’s oldest square in order to enjoy a delicious hot chocolate. Then you can take the ferry to Djurgarden which is a wonderful green island with impressive views and several museums.

Saunas are also very popular and many people actually come to Stockholm just to try them. You will certainly not find anything similar in Bangkok. Most saunas are placed near lakes or rivers so that you can jump in the water and swim after you have finished the sauna session. It is said that this type of treatment can improve your overall health, especially if you do this in the winter. Stockholm also has a vibrant nightlife with bars, pubs, restaurants, nightclubs, and more. We are sure that you not be disappointed, but again we think that this location is excellent as a city break and not as a proper holiday.